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Even when I’m using many pedals, I like to keep my natural guitar tone intact. Clean or distorted, it’s the same story. So a buffer will play an important role when trying to keep my original tone, even when I have a few pedals looped or in-line. I love the BOSS buffers for this because they’re designed with the guitar tone in mind. With the Waza Craft series, they’ve taken it a notch higher, with the buffer sounding even better. The TU-3W is a good representation of this. I can tell the improvement in tone just by connecting the pedal in bypass—a strange concept to get your head around, but it’s very important. Another thing I noticed is the low noise. Whether it’s the SD-1 or BD-2, the Waza Craft models definitely have far less noise than the originals. Even with the MT-2W, it had no noise. But it still has the same great effect when turned on, if not better.